Stay Active this Summer While Staying Safe in the Sun


By Vanessa Patterson

Summer is finally here! As Canadians, the onset of warm weather, after an especially long winter, comes with a sigh of relief. Finally, we can head outdoors to enjoy some sunshine!

Although we may be eager to get outside and feel the sun on our skin, we must remember the potential hazards that accompany the warm weather, especially as active, older adults.

Three Sun-Safe Suggestions for Active Adults

1.       Day time = A.C. time

During the day take advantage of indoor activities and spend time in air-conditioned spaces.  If your home does not have air conditioning, places like local libraries and recreation centres can provide a cool space to stay during the day. There are also many indoor classes and programs offered at our centre to enjoy indoors. You can break a sweat in Zumba Gold, enjoy a stroll around the mall with our Mall Walkers group, or improve flexibility with one of our yoga classes all in the cool, comfort of our centre.

2.       Summer time = take your time

In the summer you may find that your body cannot handle the same amount of activity as it usually does, this is to be expected! The heat and humidity that come along with summer can make some activities more difficult. Be sure to take breaks when needed, come to programs prepared with a full water bottle, and remember to stop for refills during your workout. Always remember to pace yourself to maintain safe workout habits.

3.       Morning or night time = outdoor activity time

For activities that must be outside, plan them strategically so they can be done during the coolest times of day. The morning and the evening are the best time for outdoor exercise. An example of a great morning program would be AACM’s Urban Pole Walking program which starts at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays.

Hot weather can pose some challenges for staying active in the summer, but with proper planning and knowledge of the various programs nearby, there are easy solutions to beat the heat!


Samantha Payne