Back to School Isn't Just for students!

By Vanessa Patterson

At the end of August each year, the entire country gets ready to send their kids back to school. Whether it's nieces or nephews, grandchildren or children of your own we all know someone heading back to the blackboard! Those of us, who aren’t students, often still experience the urge to prepare for the beginning of September.

Why not use this back-to-school season force for good and try something new? Now is the time to cultivate your knowledge and skills by signing up for a class. Older adults who have long since left school should strive to be lifelong learners.

Lifelong learning is, “the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge.”

Lifelong learners push themselves to continue to expand their knowledge long after their days of school and the benefits of this education span beyond gaining knowledge.

Here are 5 Benefits that Come with Being a Lifelong Learner!

1. Hello to more self confidence!


Learning a new skill will make you feel accomplished and subsequently more confident in your own abilities.

2. Goodbye boredom!

Learning something new takes time! If you find something you really enjoy doing, you’ll never be bored!

3. Prepare for an emotional boost!

Mastering a new skill or learning something new makes you believe that you are a smart and knowledgeable person!

4. Get ready to make new friends!

Enrolling in new classes allows you to meet people who share the same interests as you.

5. Time is finally on your side!  

Older adults have the time to cultivate skills that they truly enjoy so take advantage of it!


Don't forget to take advantage, this back to school season, to start something new! 

Samantha Payne