What is the ringing in my ears?


Tinnitus, often described as ringing, whistling, hissing or roaring, is a noise or sound heard in the ears and/or head with no apparent external cause or source. Most people have had tinnitus at some point in their life – think of the ringing in your ears after a loud concert. For some, it’s a mild annoyance, but for those with persistent tinnitus, the sounds can interfere with daily life.

Individuals who experience tinnitus should be evaluated by a qualified Hearing Care Professional to rule out a medical cause and decide on a course of treatment. Often, tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss. Tinnitus is a symptom and is not curable, but your local Hearing Care Professional and physician can help you develop a plan to manage its impact. A good place to start is to come in for a free hearing test.

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Samantha Payne