Vacation & Travel Advice For Older Adults

By Vanessa Patterson

The summer months means that it is peak travel season! There is this incorrect assumption that getting older means slowing down. Aging does not mean slowing down but rather taking extra steps to ensure fun, safe experiences. Here are five travel tips for older adults.



This might seem like a simple task, but it is something that is often overlooked. Make a list dependent on wherever you’re visiting. If you’re travelling somewhere warm pack sunscreen, hats, and other forms of sun protection. Likewise, if you’re travelling somewhere with a cooler climate than the GTA, keep that in mind and pack warmer clothes and even layers so you can adjust your clothing to the climate.

Avoid Advertising your absence

This goes two ways. Leading up to your trip only tell a few trusted people about your upcoming absence. This way, the entire neighbourhood won’t know that your residence is uninhabited. Similarly, when in your hotel room maintain the same reservations in terms of revealing when you will be in and out of the room.

Taking it easy

Going on vacation is great for adventure but its also a time for relaxation! Find the perfect balance between adventure and rest during your vacation. This way you can get the thrill of exploring new surroundings while getting some much-needed rest.

If flying, be sure to book a non-stop flight

If you choose to fly somewhere for vacation, flight connections in unfamiliar places can turn a relaxing vacation into a frustrating nightmare. Try to avoid flights with connections to make your travels go as smoothly as possible!

MaintaiNING contact

While traveling be sure to figure out a way to always keep in touch with your family and friends back home.  This can be accomplished by bringing a cell phone or bringing a personal phone book to call your loved ones through hotel phones.

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