6 Walking Tips for the Summer Months

By Vanessa Patterson

Summer has finally arrived and after a long winter we are all eager to go outside. With the good weather comes a renewed interest in going for walks, strolls, or whatever you want to call them! Summer makes it a good time to get the steps in, but it is important to remember certain things when embarking on walks in the summer months! Here are 6 walking tips for the summer months:

1. Choose a familiar route at night

As the sun sets there can be decreased visibility during physical activity. It is best to choose a familiar area to walk to avoid possible obstacles.

2. Take your time

Although we are eager to get outside for our daily walk, be sure not to rush. Rushing can lead to missteps and potential injury.

3. Check the clean air peel website for air quality Health index (AQHI), and heat alerts

Warm weather can have a real effect on the air quality which, in turn, can have a real effect on how one should go about exercising. During heat alerts consider walking indoors or waiting until the evening when its cooler.

4. Walk with friends or a walking club

Having company while walking is fun, practical, and safe! Exploring new terrain with friends means that you can look out for one another while being adventurous

5. Carry a cell phone in case of emergencies

Although walking can be perceived as a way to get away from modern technology, it is important to recognize the benefits of bringing a cell phone along for a walk. The phone can enhance your experience by providing your choice of atmospheric music. If you happen to stumble across a particularly picturesque scene a phone allows you to capture the moment with a camera! Notably, a phone also allows you contact someone in case of emergency

6. Enjoy the weather while it lasts!!!

As Canadians, we only get this type of weather for a few months out of the year so stay safe, get outside, and enjoy yourselves!

Samantha Payne