4 Tips for Your Winter Weather Woes

By Vanessa Patterson


Living in Canada means that with Winter comes snow, sleet, ice, and of course the bitter cold. We’ve all experienced that type of Canadian cold where we feel that icy burn on all exposed skin when we exit our houses!

Older adults must take extra caution in extreme cold and winter weather conditions because it can pose potential dangers. Slippery walkways can make walking outside and driving hazardous and older adults are more susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia.

 Winter conditions can make it challenging to maintain an active lifestyle but fear not! Staying active in the winter doesn’t have to be such a hindrance. By following a few simple tips and tricks older adults can easily maintain an active lifestyle in the winter.

4 Tips for Your Winter Weather Woes

1. Water in the winter!

Find an indoor pool near you. Swimming can be a great way to exercise in the winter. Swimming and “aquafit” classes are easy on joints and muscles making them a good workout that is also low impact! There are several pools in the city, so it is just a matter of finding the one that is right for you!

2. Walking in the winter!

Slippery conditions outside can make outdoors walking challenging during the winter months but this doesn’t mean you have to stop! Choosing to walk indoors is a good way to get in your daily exercise and is also a good way to socialize! Our Centre offers a Mall Walkers program that allows our members to exercise safely in the inter. See our Activity Guide for more details.

3. Wear layered clothing in the winter!

If you do choose to go outside be sure to wear several light layers underneath your winter gear. Small appendages are at the most risk for frost bite so remember to always bring your gloves or mittens, as well as a hat for your ears. Don’t forget your scarf to keep your neck and your chest warm! Going outside during the winter can be easy if you’re adequately prepared!

4. Watch out for dangerous weather conditions!

Sometimes the weather can get the best of us in the winter! Be wary of Extreme Cold Warnings and if you feel that its just too cold to go outside go with your gut. Also keep in mind decreased visibility due to snow when monitoring the weather. It’s okay to miss out on a day of exercise if it means staying safe and warm. On days where you have to stay inside exercise your mind instead by playing cards, playing board games, reading, or playing games on your computer or tablet!


The winter can make it more difficult for older adults to maintain an active lifestyle, but with the right attitude and some mindful modifications we can all stay active this winter season!









Samantha Payne